Corinne Wyttenbach


Corinne Wyttenbach was born in Switzerland and grew up with a love and appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors. She travelled to Canada at the age of 18, where she decided to remain and explore the country further. Eventually she ended up on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia where she worked as an Investment Advisor for a national brokerage firm. In her spare time she travelled to many beautiful places within Canada, which enhanced her passion for nature even more!
In 2001 Corinne returned to Switzerland where she now lives with her family on the majestic Lake Geneva. A truly passionate, spiritual and creative personality with a fascination for everything natural, Corinne often roams around on the forest trails and in the local mountains. In these surroundings, she fully experiences the beauty of light, colour and the shapes which reflect the perfection and  wonder of nature. She finds herself impelled to express her experience on canvas in an attempt to capture its wonder.
“If I can transfer the perceived moment, emotion, and pure beauty of nature onto a canvas, I have achieved my goal.” 
In 2016 Corinne had the privilege of meeting one of her most admired artists, Marleen Vermeulen, who lives on the West Coast of Canada. Corinne’s dream to paint with Marleen came true at the Open Your Art retreat in Spain. Marleen and Corinne have continued to remain in close contact to paint together and inspire each other. “Marleen has been the key to unlocking my artistic skills  and to inspiring me to pursue oil painting, which has lifted my creativity to new heights”.
“Looking out every day over the picturesque Lake Geneva is my muse…. a minute-by-minute observation of living art which inspires me to recreate, express, and share my love of it’s natural beauty. I would love for people to be able to appreciate that beauty through my eyes.”

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